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We aim to make eccentric pieces of art that just feels damn great to play!

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The Team

The team found each other through the university in Trondheim within the startup community. Alex and Christer, our founders, studied together to become industrial designers, where they both made concepts that aimed at promoting cooperative and social gaming. About a year into the project, 2 became 4, as we included Lise (‘everything that needs doing officer’) and Philip (Audio Design). Remi Eggesbo was hired for Lise’s replacement in August 2021. Alice, Brage and Tamara joined in autumn 2021 to complement the team with storytelling, audio and marketing competence. We are a team of highly motivated and different individuals who all love what they do. Our vision is to use industrial design sensibilities to make great, engaging and creative games!

Alexander Jonassen

Tech Design

Christer Rebni

Art Design

Remi Eggesbø


Brage Ingebritsen

Sound Design

Alice Vollan


Tamara Gugelsberger



Our current office is in the third floor of Work-Work
Munkegata 57, 7019 Trondheim

For business inquiries, ship a mail to contact@studiogauntlet.com

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