Studio Gauntlet gains both local and international investors!

Kickass Invest and Jonas Antonsson invest in up-and-coming studio.

Trondheim, 23 October 2019 –

Just a few weeks from their 1 year anniversary, the studio confirmed their partnership with the experienced investors, the Sweden based Jonas Antonsson and Norway based Kickass Invest. This is Jonas’ and Kick-Ass’ first co-investment, and the first investors to the studio outside the founding team. After receiving funding from other established institutions like the Norwegian Research Council and Innovation Norway, the studio is happy to engage industry investors. 

Founder Christer Rebni is excited “For us it’s very cool, and it means a lot for us, that they are experienced investors from the industry.” Co-founder Alexander Jonassen adds that “It’s recognition that we are on the right track.” The partners are excited to support Studio Gauntlets first key title: Bonkies! It is a console couch co-op where bionic monkeys do tetris-like puzzles in space, scheduled for release in 2020. 

After winning three awards at Norwegian Game Awards -2017 Concept of the Year, 2018 Best Design and Gamer’s Choice – the founders decided to go for their dream: to develop awesome games. Studio Gauntlet started during the founders’ Master study in industrial design engineering, where they developed several game concepts, including Bonkies.

Find more information about the studio, it’s partners and Bonkies on their website:

Lise Lie
CEO, Studio Gauntlet


Studio Gauntlet aims to use industrial design sensibilities to enhance their games and make them fresh and different. The game concepts focus on the users experience, and go through continuous user testing.