2020: Welcome future!

It’s been a year! What happened?

Hey everyone!

So it’s been a while. Why you ask? Have we shut down the studio? Did we all get food poisoning for over 6 months? Did we go to an underground bunker where I locked in the devs and made them work 24/7? The answers are: no, no, and pretty much.

TL;DR – We all got super busy (as all game devs) so we opened a Discord so you can chat with us!

It began in Spring/Summer when I (Lise) woke up to find out we got funding from The Research Council of Norway/Forskningsrådet (read the article from Nordic Game here)!

Originally, we had planned on releasing the game Spring/Summer 2019, as then was when our funding, personal bank accounts and office space would be emptied. At the time we had not really .. Well.. Prepared for a launch, so when we got the opportunity to make the game better, we jumped on it.

Since we got this second chance, we wanted to make it the best we could. That included going through our development routines, getting a Sound Designer on the team (the amazing Philip Dahlstrøm, listen to his stuff here), moving into an office with other game studios and mentors (Work-Work is the place to go!) as well as finding the necessary funding to finish development with a game as it is meant to be. 

The (a little awkward) photo they took of us after our presentation, this was our first pitch and I was super excited!

Good things happen to those who wait (work long hours and try their best), and we actually got two amazing investors, Kickass and Jonas! We already posted a press release about that here, so I won’t go too much into it, but it was amazing to get even more recognition that we were doing something right. And so, you might ask, we surely must have what we need? And I sigh deeply while staring out the window, wishing the world was a kinder place – “no” I whisper. For there is still much work to be done. So I applied for the grant by Norwegian Film Institute, and amazingly we got that too.

But funding for development is not the only opportunity NFI provides, we were also chosen to get a spot at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. This was an amazing opportunity for us, and we grabbed it – Philip and I went to Germany, requesting meetings with publishers we liked, connecting with the industry, and in particular having dinner and drinks with some of the other Norwegian studios. Words can never express how grateful I am to Peter, Aleksander (@Rain Games – Teslagrad and soon Mesmer) and Linn (@Henchman and Goon – Pode) for all their advice and chatting with us in general. Of course also Magnus and Kaja (@NFI) for letting me ask all my questions.

Actually, we went to a lot of events last year!

  • NM in Gameplay + Nordic Game Discovery Contest + Game Awards
  • Norwegian Game Awards
  • Nordic Game in Malmø, Sweden
  • Spillkonvent
  • Gamescom
  • SpillExpo/Comic-con Oslo

And hopefully, we will go to even more this year!

So between all these events, developing the game, and doing what has to be done – we had a lot going on. So we had an idea last December… Lets make a Discord – that thing everyone has been telling us to do for ages? That way we can answer stuff quickly, and you can be part of getting the game done. Sounds interesting? Join our server!

I think that’s it, I mean, lot’s of things have happened in 2020 already, but that’s for another time. Hope you all had a great 2019, and that you’ll continue to follow us!