Sign up to be a tester for Project Bus!

Sign up to be a tester for Project Bus!

Keywords: Physics based, single player, driving.

 In Project Bus, you play as an AI-bus undergoing training in a simulated environment. The simulations measures your ability to safely and efficiently transport humanoid passengers through both trivial and extreme conditions. After all, an AI should be able to overcome any challenge.

As the player, you take on the role of the AI being tested. Navigate your bus-body through a procedurally generated road landscape. The goal is to find and deliver passengers as you navigate through the various roads and terrains. Carry passengers, avoid dangers and drive for as long as possible.

How do I sign up?

TL;DR: Go to our Discord.

 Go over to our Discord and go to the Project Bus category, from there you can read some more about the project, and get some details on how to become a tester. It would take about 7 min tops!

Why should you test this concept?

  • Be the first to test our new concept, be part of the development process!  
  • See secrets early! Gain access to the whole ‘Project Bus’ category in the server and the shiny @Prototype tester role.  
  • Get your name in the credits when the game is published!