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We offer workshops in a broad range within the industry!

We are a team comprised of individuals from different backgrounds who among developing games, as well as building and maintaining relationships within the industry, take part in various local events around gaming.

Each of our currently six team members is passionate about creating experiences for players around the world and contribute to projects within their own, specialised, field of expertise.

We want to take part in building a community within and around gaming as one of the most popular free time activities in this day and age. We are hoping to inspire younger generations to join the journey, educate about the various roles one can choose from in the industry, and pass on beginner or advanced level information about working with video games.

We can tailor workshops to the age of the audience and what the desired learning outcome might be. We are happy to hold workshops for everyone from children interested in gaming, pupils trying to find out into which direction they want to take their careers, or students who have started their studies in related (or unrelated) fields who want to know if and how they can join the industry.

We can cover topics from, but not limited to: Game development, game design, game art direction, sound design, story telling, psychology in and around games, gaming as a means of education, leadership, marketing, and introduction to the industry as a whole.

If you, your institution, organisation, or university are interested in a workshop around gaming and the industry, you are welcome to send an e-mail to our CEO Remi ( ) or our Marketing Manager Tamara ( ).

Please include relevant information such as estimated size-, background- (organised by school/university/other), and average age of the group, as well as which topic(s) you would be interested in hearing about.

Want to work for Studio Gauntlet?

Currently we are not actively searching for any new employees, but you are welcome to send in your CV regardless!

Maybe we are blown away that we never knew we indeed need your expertise on our team, or maybe know companies in the industry that search for someone just like you! Either way, we are at least going to give you some pointers and feedback.

We are happy for anyone who wants to join the gaming industry journey.

Send applications to: