Bonkies is officially being published by polish Crunching Koalas – a wonderful partner with experience in porting, marketing and the game industry.

We’re crazy proud to be their first international publishing and grateful for all their insight!

Soft funding

We were chosen to be part of the STUD-ENT funding scheme. A part of Horizon2020, STUD-ENT encourages students to create start-ups based on the research they did during their Masters. Studio Gauntlet was chosen as the first game development studio for this funding scheme.

Spark* TrønderEnergi Bidraget is given to student entrepreneurs at NTNU. We received support early while we were establishing the company. Spark* also supported us with a mentor and a strong start-up community to ask for advice.

Innovation Norway supports start-ups in Norway from early concept. We received funding to test our current key concept, Bonkies. With their support we tested the game in several locations and got amazing feedback to develop the game further!

NFI supported development of Bonkies to develop and implement our single player campaign. We were also chosen to go to Gamescom and attend the Norwegian Industry stand


Norway’s only investment fund for early phase game studios and other creative start-ups

Private angel investor and games industry veteran Jonas Antonsson


Nidaros Profil is a leading supplier of corporate gifts and profiling articles. We are very proud to be collaborating!